Welcome to Evans Cemetery Memorials

As an individual, you are unique......your memorial should too!

Types of Memorials

Memorials come in all shapes a colors. They can be sandblasted or etched. Etchings can be either black and white or colored. Etchings can be standard or custom. For example we can put an etching on a Memorial of your farm, house, car, cabin, whatever you desire. Black Granite stones are made to be etched. Etchings can now be done on Pink and Green also. Gray and other colors are usually sandblast designs.Etchings can and will fade over some period of time.

The most popular Memorial is a called an Upright Memorial. The top part is called a tablet or a die. The bottom part is a called a base. It can be all polished, all steeled, polished front and back, polished front and back and top, polished front, back, top and sides, and can be contoured in different shapes.

A slant marker is made to go on a base or go on a foundation with out a base. Slant markers are slanted and are not completely upright. They come in a single slant marker or a double slant marker.  Generally most people prefer a polished face with a design, a rock serpentine top, and a saw back. However they do come with a rock back and they can have a straight top or a rounded top.

Flat Markers or Grass markers are designed for below grass level and lay flush in the ground.

Bronze markers are cast out of bronze and copper.  Bronze markers can be mounted to cement or granite bases. No matter what Bronze will eventually turn green. This process is the natural beauty of the Memorial.

Bevel Marker (sometimes called Hickeys or Pillow Markers  are markers that bevel down. They are usually 2 inches higher than the front corners. For example they can be 10 inches at the top and slope down to 8 inches in the front or 8 inches at the top and slope down to 6 inches in the front.

Their are all types of benches which come in various colors.

Mausoleums come in all different shapes and sizes as do cremation Memorials.