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As an individual, you are unique......your memorial should too!

Using the Photo Gallery

When you click on the photo gallery you will see several albums.  These are just some examples that we have done. If you click on the first album for example it will show you all the pictures in that album. You can then click on any picture to see a close up or to your left you will see the option of a slide show, which will present you with a slideshow of all pictures in that album. If some Memorials look crooked to you it is because I took the picture from a different angle because of the sun shining and including my background in the photo. Some memorials like grass markers, the pictures were taken after the grass had grown around them and that is the importance of taking caring of a flat grass marker and keeping the grass around it trimmed neatly. Do not expect the caretaker of the cemetery to do this for you.

You can click on another album and see what that contains. If you have any problems navigating through the site go back to contact us and call us or email us.